ATYS C20 Socomec

ATyS C20 is modular control relays. They ensure the automatic control of remotely controlled transfer switches, ATyS, ATyS S and ATys M, as well as contactors, circuit breakers or other motorised switches.
General characteristic ATyS C20:
• Inputs for auxiliary contact position information.
• 3U measurement on network 1 and 1U on network 2.
• 2 programmable inputs for the following functions: test on/off load, manual retransfer, start/stop transfer cycle.
• Up to 2 programmable outputs for the following functions: source availability information and circuit breaker control.
• 1 relay output for genset control.
• D10 or D20 remote interfaces are available for transferring data or control to the front cabinet panel (only on C30 version).

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ATYS C20 Socomec

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